By Joel Hillan

DENVER (CBS4) – The Federal Emergency Management Agency launched a new, interactive app centered in Confluence Park to help illustrate the dangers of floodwaters.

(credit: FEMA)

(credit: FEMA)

“All of the people in Colorado and along the South Platte River water shed are at some risk of flooding, whether you live near the water or far away,” explained Tony Mendes with FEMA.

“The virtual reality shows how high that water was in 2015 and how much higher it was in 1965.”

The app allows for an immersive experience, showing just how high the South Platte River ran during different flood events, including the one in Denver in 1965.

“Floodwalk is all about making the citizens of Colorado and especially in the Denver metro area more aware of their flood hazard risks.”

Floodwalk is a free app available for Apple and Android devices that not only harnesses the power of virtual reality to illustrate floodwaters, but also provides an audio/visual history.

(credit: CBS)

A section of the app also shows our reservoir system that’s designed to regulate the flow of our waters.

“The dam managers can control the release of the water and keep this area here from flooding and getting out of control.”

If you are present at Confluence Park, the app guides you to markers for an even more interactive experience, one FEMA hopes will inspire us individually and collectively to be more prepared.

For more information about your possible flood risk and what to do if you are at risk here is a list of resources FEMA suggested:

National Flood Insurance Program
Flood Smart
Map Service Center
Urban Drainage and Flood Control District

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