By Jeff Gurney

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– Voters in Lakewood will decide whether to limit new home development. The city’s election is next month.

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Some residents believe growth is out of control and want to take a drastic step with limiting future growth. Others say it’s too drastic and could create other issues in the future.

In Lakewood, a changing landscape has set in motion a ballot measure that’s pitted neighbor against neighbor.

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“We need healthy, responsible, strategic growth that’s sustainable for years to come,” said Cathy Kentner.

Kentner is behind a group called Lakewood’s Strategic Growth Initiative. The group is pushing the measure which Lakewood voters will decide on July 2. It would limit new home development to 1% a year.

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For example in 2018, Lakewood developers built 1,199 new housing units. Under the ballot measure, it would have limited the number of units to 672 which is a difference of 527 fewer that actually built in 2018.

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“Anytime you artificially limit the supply you’re going to drive up the price,” said Tom Quinn who opposes the measure.

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Quinn says the ballot measure will only hurt those who can’t afford housing the most and will contribute to more people commuting and driving on city roads. Quinn says Lakewood’s comprehensive plan is already working. He says it is directing growth to urban corridors like Colfax Avenue and helps protects 25% of the city’s land from development.

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Jeff Gurney

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  1. Rick says:

    It is glaringly obvious that you neglected to even mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been contributed by special interest groups to defeat this issue. Groups like the National Association of Realtors ($200,000) based in Washington, D.C. which is a looong way from Lakewood, other realtor groups and contractor groups just to name a few. The election is trying to be BOUGHT by big development money. People who will do the building and leave town, leaving the residents of Lakewood to deal with the aftereffects for generations to come.
    Not a very fair representation of what’s happening. I expect better from 4CBS Denver.

  2. vote yes on prop200 do not californiate Lake wood

  3. Paul Weber says:

    Lakewood needs to digest the extremely fast growth that we already have had in the last few years. Our roads are packed, our schools are packed and our water and sewage lines have not been upgraded to handle the demands being put on them. The 1% limit stated in the article of 672 is 30% higher than the 440 new units that went in in 2014. Greedy developers do not have to live in Lakewood the residents that already live here do. Lakewood has always been full of green undeveloped areas, it is part of the charm of the city. Do not let the fear tactics of greedy out of state detractors destroy our city. If your taxes go up it is because your house worth more, how is that a bad thing? We can always vote to lower the tax levies if the city’s coffers are getting too full. Lakewood does not need to become the housing solution for the greater metro areas housing problem.

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