By Andrea Flores

DENVER (CBS4) – Alex Basse bikes to work rain or shine.

“I have my bike lock, and I have an extra plastic bag to cover my seat in case it rains,” Basse said.

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Every morning she leaves her apartment from 5th and Speer and takes the Cherry Creek bike path into downtown Denver.

“Nobody is honking or anything like that, so it’s a fun way to get to work,” Basse told CBS4’s Andrea Flores. “I would say for most people, if they have to sit in traffic on their way to work, it might be faster to bike.”

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Basse’s 2.3 mile commute takes less than 20 minutes, which means she doesn’t get overly hot biking into work. She uses a crate on the back of her bike to carry her stuff.

“I show up to work in a much better mood every day when I bike than when I take any other mode of transportation,” said Basse. “It’s really relaxing almost every day, and people are smiling on the bike path.”

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Basse’s daily ride into work wraps up at 16th and Lawrence.

With more and more companies offering perks like a secure bike parking, she encourages first time riders to give Bike to Work Day a try.

“Practice your route first on the weekend and see how long it really takes,” Basse said. “I think people would find that when they do that it’s a lot easier than it might seem.”

Bike to Work Day is Wednesday, June 26th. Way to Go is sponsoring the day and organizing more than 300 way stations that will provide everything from free breakfast to bicycle maintenance.

Andrea Flores

  1. Yeah, if only more people were aware of this. I wholeheartedly feel sorry for those in traffic. And if you have a longer commute or really don’t like to exert yourself, just get an ebike and never use your car again for commuting or errands, seriously.

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