(CBS4) — Colorado Parks and Wildlife is concerned that rehabilitation centers are running out of room for all the rescued fawns in their care. There are already seven at the Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation and two more were brought into the CPW office in Colorado Springs Friday morning.

One fawn was seen running alone along a Highway 24 near Manitou Springs.

Another was orphaned after its mother and twin were killed by a car near Cascade.

“Hope our rehabber has room. Quickly filling up and soon we’ll have no place to send them,” CPW officials tweeted.

Friday’s third “rescue” fawn — which wildlife experts think was less than 12 hours old — was returned to the spot where it was picked up. Officials placed it in the shade in a drainage where its mother was seen.

On Thursday, officers rescued another fawn whose mother was killed after being hit by a motorcycle on Interstate 70 in Golden.

CPW officials say the wildlife rehab center where they send these animals is filling up fast.

Officials are reminding people to not touch fawns they see alone in the wild.

#LeaveBabyWildlifeAlone: Fawn Sent To Rehab Center After Someone Picked It Up

“Young wildlife is frequently left alone in a safe location while adult animals go on the search for food. Young fawns and calves are left for long periods of time and are safer when they are left alone. If you come across young wildlife, do not approach them as the mother is probably nearby,” officials stated. “If you do encounter young wildlife on the trail or in your yard, leave the animal where it is and be careful to keep pets out of the area. Use binoculars to quietly view the animal from a distance. Do not get too close to the animals as human proximity may make the wild parents afraid to return.”

They are also asking drivers to keep an eye out for deer on highways.