By Michael Abeyta

CONIFER, Colo. (CBS4)– A middle school teacher lost everything when her Conifer home burned to the ground on Tuesday. Dawn Beck was out of the country on a school-sponsored trip when the fire ignited.

(credit: CBS)

Beck says she knows what caused the fire and shared the information with her coworkers Jan Creel and Carol Miner.

“They have a propane tank where they live in the mountains and it blew up,” said Miner.

(credit: CBS)

The home engulfed by the flames belonged to Beck, a teacher at Evergreen Middle School.

Beck shared the home with her husband, son and mother. She was on a trip to Iceland with some of her students when the fire happened. Her co-workers stepped up to bring her home.

(credit: Jan Cree)

“Another colleague of ours was able to fly out to Iceland right away and trade places with her so she could come home,” said Creel.

When Beck returned to Conifer she found the unthinkable. Her home had burned to the ground.

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“They’re starting over from scratch. Ground zero,” said Miner.

Beck’s fellow teachers and administrators heard about what happened and knew they couldn’t just sit idly by. They set up a fund raising page to help Beck and her family transition into new housing and a new life while their home is being rebuilt. They say it’s what Dawn would have done the same thing for any one of them.

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“She’s the kind of person that would have jumped right in and figured out something right away and would already be helping us,” said Creel.

(credit: Jan Cree)

The Evergreen Middle School community is calling on the entire Colorado community to help raise money for this family in the GoFundMe campaign.

Michael Abeyta