By Andrea Flores

DENVER (CBS4)Cutting for College was started by a middle school student six years ago when he saw the need for services in his Whittier neighborhood. The company now serves hundreds of customers a week, while helping students save for college.

(credit: CBS)

Adams State University student Charlie Jones is back in Denver for summer break. He says working with Cutting for College is the perfect job.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s character building,” Jones said. “You get out, you have a schedule, you start at a certain time, and you end at a certain time. I guess it’s preparing me for the real world and the workforce.”

(credit: CBS)

The Denver-based company employs local high school and college students.

(credit: CBS)

“I’ve got to pay for my books, some of my fees for my dorms, and other expenses that popped up,” Jones said.

(credit: CBS)

The college sophomore is studying psychology.

Cutting for College owner Mike Shaw says helping the students learn financial responsibility is what the business is all about.

(credit: CBS)

“They make a commitment to us, in writing, to save anywhere from 10% to 30% of the money they earn while on the job, and it’s imported directly to a college savings account,” Shaw said. “This is a way for them to learn a skill, save some money, and have fun in the process.”

(credit: CBS)

Shelva Leep lives near Cheesman Park and has been a customer for two years. She’s happy to help these students’ college dreams come true.

(credit: CBS)

“I think education is important, and I think working for your education is really important and so the idea that you’re willing to do physical labor and you’re working hard to put that money aside knowing that you have a long term goal, I think the more that we can support that in young people the better,” Leep said.

(credit: CBS)

While long days mowing lawns can be hard work, Jones says it’s a lot like life.

“It teaches you how to push through things that are necessary, like your education,” Jones told CBS4’s Andrea Flores. “Not everybody wants to go to class every single day, it’s something you have to do and you get it done.”

(credit: CBS)

For now, Cutting for College serves the Denver area, but the owner hopes to expand to other cities, including Colorado Springs.

(credit: CBS)

LINK: Cutting for College

Andrea Flores


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