FRANKTOWN, Colo. (CBS4) — The Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center recently received 49 malnourished horses from the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA). The animals were voluntarily surrendered by their owner to CDA and transported to Harmony with the assistance of the Colorado Humane Society.

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“The horses are in very poor condition. They are very malnourished. Out of the body condition score from one-nine, 42 of them are under a body condition score of two,” explained Garret Leonard, Director of Harmony Equine Center.

The majority of these horses are extremely underweight and infested with internal parasites. Since arriving at Harmony, they have been receiving the necessary veterinary care.

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Leonard wasn’t able speak on the conditions these animals lived in before they were brought to Harmony, but their appearance speaks louder than words.

“It’s obvious that the owner was struggling with the care of these animals to have that many in that poor of condition. Something was going terribly wrong,” said Leonard.

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According the CDA state veterinarian, the owner will not face charges because the animals were voluntarily relinquished. The owner had more than 100 horses on their property, but only had to relinquish half under an agreement.

The veterinarian says it’s likely the welfare of the horses remaining with the owner will be monitored.

The malnourished horses brought to Harmony may require three-four months of physical rehabilitation and training before they are healthy and ready to be adopted.

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“Many horses are going to need a substantial amount of time to recover and we are currently monitoring them very closely,” said Leonard. “We expect to invest more than $100,000 in the rehabilitation and recovery of these emaciated horses.”

Anyone wishing to help the Harmony Equine Center care for these horses should visit or call 303-751-5772.

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