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LAFAYETTE, Colo. (CBS4) – A young goat was given a second lease on life all thanks to Coloradans in three different counties coming together. “Lafayette” the goat recently had a leg amputated after Lafayette community members spotted him walking around their community with a badly wounded leg.

(credit: CSU)

The goat was spotted several times around the city before Andrea Davis of Broken Shovels Animal Sanctuary in Henderson was able to catch him. With the help of the community, he was transported to Colorado State University’s emergency surgery technicians in Fort Collins.

The community raised the money almost overnight to pay for the procedure.

“They were very worried about a fracture for him,” said Cileah Kretsch, livestock medicine and surgery intern at CSU. “For him, the best chance of survival and getting around as good as he could would be to amputate his limb.”

(credit: CBS)

The procedure cost thousands of dollars. Davis said strangers invested in the well being of the animal donated enough to cover the procedure and much of his care in the future.

“We had no idea the community would surround him with so much love and care,” Davis told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas.

(credit: CBS)

CSU staff said they were impressed to see how quickly Lafayette bounced back from surgery, now only with three legs.

“Within 30 minutes of surgery he was up and jumping around.” Kretsch said.

Lafayette was transported from CSU to the sanctuary in Henderson, where he will live the rest of his life. Doctors said he could live many years more without his leg.

“People from all over Colorado have been seeing this story, and somehow connecting with this goat,” Davis said. “Even the goats (that already live at the sanctuary) are already giving him little smooches on his face.”

(credit: CBS)

Lafayette is the third three-legged goat to move in to the sanctuary. He is currently being housed in the sanctuary’s version of a rehabilitation unit.

“Even though he lost a leg, he is going to have safety, food, vet care and love for the rest of his life,” Davis said. “God gave him three legs, and spare. We just got rid of the spare.”

Davis welcomed those interested in Lafayette to attend the next two open houses at the sanctuary.

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