By Dave Aguilera

DENVER(CBS)- Big thunderstorms formed over east Aurora Monday afternoon. Storms strong enough to produce what are commonly called “Landspout Funnel Clouds”.

Landspout Funnel near Aurora (Brandon Hatleback)

Several CBS4 YouReporters were able to catch some pictures of the landspout funnel clouds that formed just east of E-470.

Landspout Funnel Near Aurora. (Steve Bowens)

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Landspout funnels or tornadoes can form in a developing thunderstorms. Often forming even before the storm can drop rain, hail or even lightning. These types of funnels can form with no strong updraft and tend to lift from the ground upward into the cloud. Most severe tornadoes extend from the cloud to the ground.

These funnels are also not typically seen with a wall cloud as is the case with many severe storms.

Because the landspout funnel forms in a developing storm they are very difficult to be detected by radar.

And very difficult to put out tornado warnings for.

Dave Aguilera


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