By Brian Maass

DENVER (CBS4)– The Denver Police Protective Association has thrown its endorsement to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock citing Denver’s camping ban as a primary reason. The DPPA is the union representing most Denver Police Officers.

In response to an inquiry from CBS4, DPPA President Nick Rogers said Hancock, “has held steadfast on the urban camping ban ordinance that is so important in keeping the streets of Denver safe.”

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (credit: CBS)

Rogers went on to say the DPPA is also pleased with the current DPD administration put in place by Hancock.

The urban camping ban has been a flash point in the campaign pitting Hancock against challenger Jamie Giellis. Hancock has accused Giellis of flip-flopping on the camping ban although Giellis maintains she has been consistent in her position on the camping ban.

April Valdez Villa, communications director for the Hancock campaign, said the police endorsement shows that the relationship between the union and Hancock has improved.

Michael Hancock and Jamie Giellis (credit: CBS)

In 2017 the police union voted “no confidence” in Hancock’s previous police chief, Robert White, asking that Hancock fire White. The Mayor rejected the union’s request.

In March 2018, Westword, a weekly news magazine, reported that Nick Rogers said Hancock had lost the respect of rank and file police officers for sending inappropriate text messages to a female police detective.

Brian Maass

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