DENVER (AP) — A new Colorado law says people suspected of being in the country illegally can’t be kept in jail simply at the request of immigration officials. Gov. Jared Polis signed the legislation Tuesday. It will take effect Aug. 2.

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement can request that inmates suspected of an immigration violation be kept in jail until immigration agents can arrive to take custody of them. Colorado sheriffs have largely refused to honor such requests after courts ruled that keeping someone jailed without a warrant isn’t constitutional. However, two sheriffs were sued last year for holding inmates for ICE.

Gov. Jared Polis Signs Immigrant Driver’s License Bill

Colorado Politics reports the bill would have originally barred jail staff from talking with immigration officials but was weakened to satisfy concerns raised by Polis. The law will bar probation officers from providing information to immigration agents.

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  1. Gary Arpon says:

    The Democrat Party is more worried about their votes from criminals than they are about the safety of citizens.

  2. Codswallop Hogwash says:

    STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!. What part of ILLEGAL do these Dumocrats not understand???
    We need to kick them out and get some sensible people in there, in this Age of Stupidity.

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