By Brian Maass

DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s deputy chief of staff emailed supporters over the weekend with a dire warning, according to a copy of the email obtained by CBS4. In an appeal for donations to the Hancock campaign, Hancock’s deputy chief of staff Evan Dreyer told supporters, ”This is an extremely close race. If we don’t keep up the pressure on our opponent, this could end badly for Denver.”

Michael Hancock (credit: CBS)

Dreyer’s boss, Hancock, faces challenger Jamie Giellis in a runoff election on June 4.

Evan Dreyer (credit: Denver Mayor’s Office)

The email, sent Sunday from Dreyer’s personal email account, pressed supporters to contribute online or attend fundraisers. “Time is running out,” said Dreyer, noting there were only two more major fundraising events before the election.

Jamie Giellis (credit: CBS)

A fundraiser for Hancock is scheduled for Tuesday night in Cherry Creek North at the home of developer Pat Hamill, one of Hancock’s most ardent supporters. Co- hosts are asked to contribute $3,000 and guests are asked to kick in $500.

A second fundraiser is set for Thursday hosted by “Women for Hancock.” Guests for that event are asked to donate anywhere from $50 up to $500.

By phone, Dreyer said he probably sends out “an email a day if not more. I send a lot of emails out to keep people interested.”

Brian Maass

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  1. Glenn Rogers says:

    This city is ready going down Thanks to him.Use to be a great city. now every one that can is leaving.

  2. As if this mayor is the only one who can save the city, or something. Ridiculous.

  3. Susan Barnes-Gelt says:


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