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GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – The beginning of a special Memorial Day ceremony at the U.S. Marine Corp Memorial in Golden began with a swearing in for the next generation. Sixteen men and women gave their oath at the ceremony on Monday in front of a crowd made up of veterans and families.

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“Looking at all the people who have given their lives. Being able to swear in on a very special day, surrounded by everyone, is very significant for me,” said Katelyn Schmidt, a Poolee who leaves for basic training in August.

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The newly sworn-in service members chose this day for the one-of-a kind memorial, the only one like this west of the Mississippi River.

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“When the Marines get together, we’re a giant family and no matter what we take care of everyone. So seeing the kids here actually makes me really happy because they’re surrounded by people who love them no matter what,” Schmidt said.

Her two brothers are also Marines, so she’s carrying on what’s become a family tradition.

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“We’re honoring all those who have passed and who have served and it’s really a special day for us,” she said.

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