By Dillon Thomas

(CBS4) – A controversial billboard advertising Colorado as a safe space for abortions has some applauding the state for its progressive views, while others are left worried that it implies Colorado condones murder. The billboard, paid for by “Keep Abortion Safe,” is featured along I-70 eastbound, for those visiting Colorado from Utah.


The billboard reads “Welcome to Colorado, where you can get a safe, legal abortion.”

Keep Abortion Safe co-founder Fawn Bolak said her organization paid for the billboard in hope that it would encourage those in neighboring states to consider Colorado for any of their reproductive medical needs.

“The goal of the billboard was meant to be a bold message to our neighbors coming in. That they are now entering a state that respects and allows them to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions,” Bolak said. “We also have instances of folks traveling from all over the country to come to Colorado for the access we have.”


However, the billboard was not accepted by all Coloradans. Bob Enyart, a local pastor and radio host, said the organization “Colorado Right to Life” did not support the message behind the sign.

“Welcome to Colorful Colorado. Red is a beautiful color, but not abortion red,” Enyart said. “You have to hate God to want to advertise to kill innocent children. To dismember them. We need to be known as a state for life and not for death.”


The billboard is one of many throughout the state that encourage drivers to seek different journeys when it comes to pregnancy.

While some encourage expecting parents to do what is best for them and their health, others encourage the same people to explore opportunities to support life. There are also some billboards supporting pro-life messages encourage resource centers and others in the Denver area that encourage expecting fathers to love their children and support them.

Dillon Thomas

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  1. Chuck Wagine says:

    Is it safe for the baby?

  2. Len Stephens says:

    Smoke all the dope you want, Kill a living, breathing baby, It makes Colorado proud, And we don’t mean maybe.

  3. Not for long.. Watch and learn.

  4. Richard Baker says:

    How about this: “Colorado, get stoned and kill babies. What’s not to like?”

  5. Kill your child with style. (why use a whole billboard when you don’t have to.)

  6. Clifford Farris says:

    Kill your babies here before or after birth. The Colorado government says it is OK. It is not mandatory, yet, however. That bill is in progress.

  7. Sandy O'Seay says:

    I’m wondering if the baby that was killed felt it was safe and legal . . .

  8. Joe Campbell says:

    The billboard should really say, “Come to Colorado to kill your kid, no questions asked.”

  9. Hope all you transplants are enjoying the late May snow. Get used to it. You only get 4 warm months per year in Colorado.

  10. What a disgusting thing to brag about. Welcome to Colorado we’ll let you murder your children here.

  11. Shelly Havara says:

    While I oppose abortion except for when the life of the mother is at stake, incest or rape… I will say Colorado has a great idea, although I would put it this way:

    Welcome to Colorado, where we literally are killing off liberals one baby at a time… silver lining to the conservative party!

    Let’s face it, with the Zero Growth Population movement, Libs having less and less babies, the use of birth control by those libs who understand how to use it, and the use of abortions, they are making their party extinct…

    Like I said, even though for the most part I am against it, it does have a silver lining. In a few decades, we can be rid of them by self extinction. Not being mean, these are facts.

    1. I noticed there is a lot of unused space on that billboard. Would someone see it they would be so kind as to add a welcome on the bottom of that billboard to all of the illegal immigrants. The hundreds of thousands (maybe one million this year) that have nowhere to go will be grateful that they are welcome in Colorado. Thanks to all of you proud Coloradians. Hehe, even if you don’t want them, we’ll tell them you do. The buses are rolling.

  12. Vox Veritas says:

    Welcome to the Temple of Molech where your child will be sacrificed on the Altar of Selfish Convenience.

  13. Snuffing out baby lives is not virtuous or honorable.

  14. Linda Lumpkin Appelbaum says:

    Proud to be a Coloradian!!

    1. Jason Ledd says:

      Welcome to Colorado. We kill babies. No problem.

    2. Josh Cohen says:

      When I was young, women were considered the givers of life. No man could, or would, mess with that!

      So many women today are more infatuated with the idea of killing off their own offspring, than they are with the idea of celebrating themselves as the givers of life. It’s sickening.

      So many women today have given up the awesome position of power they once held.

    3. Dave Hardesty says:

      Yeah, lots to be proud about.
      Legalization of pot.
      Legalization of psychedelic mushrooms.
      Yep, you people in Colorado sure have a lot to be proud of now that you approve of murdering an innocent child in the womb.

    4. Bob K. Wahler says:

      If this is what you “take pride in”, then I don’t care what your position is on abortion, you are a myopic, childish “fellow citizen”.

    5. Shelly Havara says:

      Proud to be Coloradian…where we kill liberals one baby at a time!

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