DENVER (CBS4) – One of the candidates in Denver’s mayoral runoff race was just endorsed by a former Democratic nominee for president. Hillary Clinton threw her support behind Michael Hancock on social media Friday.

Michael Hancock (credit: CBS)

Hancock faces challenger Jamie Giellis in the June 4 runoff election. In a recent interview with CBS4’s Britt Moreno he said Denver is a desirable city and “we want it that way” in regards to the economic growth the city has seen in the last several years.

Jamie Giellis (credit: CBS)

Giellis, the president of Denver’s RiNo Arts District, says the growth that area has seen was a result of thoughtfully and creatively addressing some of the same challenges that are impacting the whole city.

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  1. Robert Chase says:

    Shillary is one of the traitors who called for the arrest of American Patriot Edward Snowden! The Fascist (Republican) Party and the Collaborationist (Democratic) Party are responsible for abrogating the Bill of Rights and destroying American Freedom in its most fundamental sense by incarcerating more of the inhabitants of “the land of the free” than any other regime on Earth (with the sole exception of the Seychelles, total population ~95,000) imprisons its own people — these institutions are enemies of the American People and Constitution. Mayor Oreo Cookie does not represent the interests of people of color at all (with the sole exception of himself) or of anyone other than monied interests Downtown.

  2. Codswallop Hogwash says:

    That should be the kiss of death.
    Isn’t there anyone competent enough to be a good mayor in Denver?

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