By Brian Maass

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4)– When state Rep. Patrick Neville was considering a good location to hold a March 9 town hall meeting with constituents, he didn’t think long before settling on a gun store in Castle Rock.

(credit: Patrick Neville)

“I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s a local, small business”, said Neville, a Republican representing Douglas County.

Besides, said Neville, he had held town hall meetings twice before in the same gun shop, DCF Guns.

Patrick Neville (credit: CBS)

But some of his constituents, like Carol Johnson, 72, a Castle Rock resident and longtime gun owner, are lashing out at Neville and other Republican lawmakers who decided a gun store was an appropriate location for a public meeting.

(credit: CBS)

“I was in fact nervous in going to the gun shop because I felt it was an inflammatory place to have this meeting,” said Johnson.

She said she has owned firearms for 30 years.

(credit: CBS)

“I think it was bullying insofar as it was a place that for half the constituents of the county was an uncomfortable place and so it eliminated the kind of citizen participation and the kind of questions that you would hope arise.”

Most town hall meetings are typically held in government buildings, libraries, school facilities or churches. But Neville said the gun shop is “very welcoming and accommodating.”

(credit: CBS)

The event was billed as a “Douglas County Legislators Town Hall” featuring four Republican state representatives and one Republican state senator.

Video from the meeting obtained by CBS4 shows Neville and the four other GOP politicians discussing the red flag bill and other conservative issues although they were occasionally drowned out by opponents who Neville called “disruptive and rude.”

(credit: Patrick Neville)

The store has an indoor range and gunshots could be heard throughout the meeting.

Amy Ross, 42, a Highlands Ranch Democrat who is aligned with gun control advocacy groups, attended the town hall which she called “disrespectful and inappropriate” due to the location.

“There are people who cannot, who do not feel safe going into a gun shop,” said Ross, ”myself included. There were people who did not attend that because they cannot be around guns and so it was exclusionary, it was inappropriate.”

(credit: Patrick Neville)

Neville told CBS4 that constituents like Ross could simply have skipped the gun shop and come to a nearby restaurant afterwards where the politicians congregated.

He called the complaints about the gun store town hall “invalid” and said he had received “good responses from my constituents.”

(credit: CBS)

Asked if he would hold a town hall in another controversial venue like a strip club, Neville said “probably not. I wouldn’t probably want to do that because I don’t necessarily see that would be a good place to bring children.”

He said he has held other town hall meetings at churches, restaurants and golf clubs but would not hesitate to hold his next town hall at the gun shop.

(credit: Patrick Neville)

“I don’t see what the concern is,” said Neville.

Brian Maass

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  1. Gary Arpon says:

    I doubt that I would feel particularly comfortable in the abortion clinic where this dingbat Democrat Party activist would no doubt rather the Town Hall be held. I would be over it by now though…..

  2. Tom Aeschleman says:

    This story is so deceptive. Brian Maass should be EMBARRASSED. This is based on the opinion of a “Castle Rock Resident”. I am a Castle Rock resident and this person does not speak for all of us!!! In fact she is not a typical resident at all. This person is a democrat, activist and has run for office. NONE of these facts were disclosed in the story that is essentially just another hit piece on the republicans. Horrible reporting….Total misrepresentation of the facts. I’ll be watching our for this Brian Maass and his fake news.

  3. Poor, poor snowflakes. Life must be really difficult for them.

  4. Sydney Faye Ludwick says:

    Some of Neville’s constituents are survivors of mass shootings, are veterans, or have encountered other forms of gun violence. This can lead to major psychological trauma and symptoms of PTSD. All town halls should be accessible to all constituents and not hold a source of obvious distress.

    1. Darius Picard says:

      So that’s why nay people shout, scream a disrupts town hall meetings and make it impossible for constituents to ask questions. On the subject of gun violence, I understand that on of the STEM shooters elf Identifies as a male even though born with a vagina. It is going to be tried as an adult. If convicted it seems only proper that it’s wishes be respect and it be incarcerated at male facility. Do you agree?

    2. Michael Meyer says:

      Ms Ludwick – Representative Neville was at Columbine HS during the shooting and recently served with honors in the US Army as a Captain. Sadly Brian Maass deceptively left out those facts as well as the fact the only two constituents he could find opposed to having the meeting at DCF are both Democrat activist’s. If folks are so fearful of guns they should never ever go to a Court House, state Capitol, town hall meetings, professional sporting events, airports or campaign rally’s etc, etc because there will be people with guns present.

  5. Robert Chase says:

    Deport all the fascists occupying Douglas County and make their property available for homesteading.

    1. Samuel Shipley says:

      Just the useful idiot the news pukes were looking for…

  6. Tom Bolin says:

    I guess the protesters never shop at Walmart. They sell guns and ammunition!

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