By Shawn Chitnis

DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado Department of Transportation on Friday unveiled a new survey to hear from the public about the priorities in their communities across the state. The announcement comes in advance of the department’s release of a new 10-year plan for future projects.

(credit: CBS)

“What are the challenges and opportunities that make your life work?” said Shoshana Lew, CDOT executive director. “Where do you need to go? How can you get there?”

A survey online at a new website created by CDOT will collect feedback from the public. The agency also plans to hold public meetings in all 64 counties as well as telephone town halls. Lew mentioned at a news conference that lawmakers approved $800 million in new resources for CDOT and other local agencies during the past legislative session. The new plan will use that money based in part on the priorities the public helps to identify in this process.

“Transportation affects each of us every day and that is why CDOT is kicking off a statewide transportation conversation to address Colorado’s transportation needs together,” said Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera in a statement. “Our population is growing, traffic is getting worse and we face the challenge of taking care of the system we have, while also planning for the future.”

Colorado is the country’s eighth fastest growing state and as more vehicles travel the roads there is more wear and tear on infrastructure, according to CDOT.

“At CDOT, we’re changing how we plan for transportation now and in the future,” Lew said in a news release. “Instead of starting with the question of how we pay for it, we want to start with the question of ‘What should we be paying for and why?’ Coloradans are in this together.”

Recent reports by CBS4 have highlighted the challenges different communities face from various forms of transportation. Last month businesses were worried about a closure along Interstate 70 because of the Central 70 project. For some residents in Summit County, they noticed seats were hard to find on the Bustang earlier this year because of a lack of drivers. But some problems have gotten the attention they need, including widening a stretch of Interstate 25 in Northern Colorado. Leaders in Weld County were grateful to see that work begin well before they thought their communities would get those resources.

CDOT plans to collect data all summer and release a new 10-year plan based on its findings in the fall.

To send your feedback to CDOT, visit

Shawn Chitnis


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