LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – One of the heroes from the STEM School Highlands Ranch Shooting spoke on Tuesday for the first time since the shooting exactly a week ago. Joshua Jones is a student at the school.

Joshua Jones (credit: CBS)

He was shot twice while trying to disarm one of the shooters.

“The shooter came in, he retrieved the gun from what he was carrying it in, he brought it up said ‘nobody move,’” Jones said.

In that moment Jones, Brendan Bialy and Kendrick Castillo made a split second decision to take on the shooter. All are named heroes.

(credit: CBS)

“With just me or just Brendan or just Kendrick it would have been a lot worse for everyone in that room,” Jones said.

Jones was shot twice in the left leg, once in the upper thigh the other in the calf.

“It’s strange to think of people calling me a hero. You’re never taught to run toward this kind of thing,” Jones said. “I hope no one has to make that decision again.”

(credit: Facebook)

Castillo died while rushing one of the suspects.

“It’s truly a shame he had to leave us so early,” Jones said of Castillo.

Joshua Jones and his parents (credit: CBS)

While Jones says he does not remember the exact moment he was hit he remembers the moments following.

“I called my mom because she always has been a problem solver for me… Just something like, ‘Hey mom, there has been a school shooting. I have been involved. The authorities are on their way. They are going to get an ambulance and I am going to the hospital. That is all I got right now for you.’”

(credit: CBS)

He says he is still recovering emotionally, but recovering faster physically. He says he expects graduation to be somber this year with Castillo’s death. He says he is going on a mission with his Church of Latter Day Saints, and then will return to learn to be an EMT.

Jones says he does not have training in taking down a suspect, but he instead relied on instinct.

“We wanted to say thank you for the outpouring of love and support from all over the country,” Jones’ mother, Lorie, said.

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