By Dillon Thomas

DENVER (CBS4) – For the first time in more than two years a Denver family is optimistic they will soon return to their Elyria-Swansea neighborhood home. The family was forced to move out in 2017 after a contractor scammed the single mother out of more than $50,000.

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Martha Saucedo grew up in the home, which her mother still owns. With her mother aging, she decided to move herself and her children to her childhood home to be closer with her mother. However, with limited space, Saucedo decided to add on to the home in order to give more space for her children.

“I grew up here with my siblings,” Saucedo said.

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Saucedo said the original contractor started the addition to the home, yet never returned to complete it. The work that was done was not to industry standards, and jeopardized portions of the original home.

The botched job, and abandonment by the contractor, forced the family out of their longtime home.

“It’s now been over two years. Two years and two months that we have been living with relatives,” Saucedo said.

Left hopeless, and homeless, Saucedo cried for help. Shortly after, many local businesses came forward to help the young family.

“They got robbed,” said Eric Semingsen, owner of Aloha Builders LLC.

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Semingsen, and Valor Roof & Solar’s Michael Paper, helped spearhead the initiative to get Saucedo’s family back home free of charge to them. While they have found ways to do a lot of the work for free, expensive projects by electricians, siding and plumbers are holding them back from completing the rest of the home.

“It’s been about two months, and we’ve got about 90% donated already,” Semingsen said.

Semingsen set up a GoFundMe site to help raise the needed funds to get the project moving full force. The uphill battle to raise the funds could help speed up the completion of the project, returning the family to their home potentially by the end of the summer.

GOFUNDME: Martha’s Home Rescue

We really value helping people, and that’s what this is all about. This is a feel-good project for me,” Paper said.

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Renovation teams have donated some of their time to help complete the home. After two years of vacancy, the home once again is taking shape. Though the house is evolving for the better, those involved with the project say the work is far from done. Workers added that some of the most important projects still need funding.

“We drive by here everyday with my mom and kids. I say, ‘Look, there is work getting done. We are going to be here soon,” Saucedo said.

A 501C3 has been created to make the donations tax deductible. Semingsen hoped the community would come together to pick up the final support for the family.

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“To me, it’s important to let people know that there’s honest guys out there,” Semingsen said.

“It’s a fast paced world. I think it’s important to stop and care about one another when we get a chance,” Semingsen said.
Saucedo said the outpouring of support thus far has helped restore her faith in humanity.

“It’s going to be a lot of happiness, a lot of joy,” Saucedo said.

Those interested in donating to help complete the project are encouraged to donate.

Dillon Thomas

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  1. AkkoAnime says:

    Mr. Tomas, I’m a tax attorney and if I understand correctly, a 501c3 was set up to handle the donations to that specific family? If so, that’s actually not allowed under the 501c3 rules. Please reach out to them to find an experienced accountant to advice them. Otherwise, they could be creating another problem in the future!

  2. These contractors, builders, suppliers, friends, family and total strangers have really rallied together to help this family out – this is a heartwarming story that celebrates community. 90% is good Denver – but let’s help see this through to 100%!

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