LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) — For three years in a row, a duck has laid her eggs in the courtyard at an elementary school in Lakewood. Each year, students and teachers wait for the ducklings to hatch and, when they’re big enough, they help guide the mother and her babies out into the wild.

On Wednesday, students and staff lined the halls of Belmar School of Integrated Arts as the family waddled from the courtyard, through the school and out the doors.

This year was a little different because of the rainy weather. The family had to take a slightly longer path through the school so the kids could enjoy the annual event without getting soaked. Also, one duckling seemed a little hesitant about making the journey.

“You’re missing one, momma!” you can hear a child say.

(Watch the full video in the player below.)

The mother duck stops and waits, then heads back toward the door. About a minute later, two adults outside usher the straggler into the hall where it rejoins its family.

One duckling stumbles a little as it rounds the corner and heads down the long hall.


Eventually the family of ducks made it all the way through the school and out into the rain.


  1. Andrea says:

    I really hope someone still helped these duckies at the school this year 3ven though school is not in session ☹️ 🤞

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