CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4)– Maya McKinney, the second suspect in the Highlands Ranch school shooting, appeared in court on Wednesday afternoon. McKinney, a juvenile female, identifies as male and prefers to be called “Alec.”

Alec McKinney (credit: Instagram)

McKinney appeared in court after the other suspect in the shooting, Devon Erickson, 18, spoke to the judge on Wednesday. Erickson is facing 30 counts in connection with the shooting, including including first-degree murder and dozens of attempted murder counts. The judge ordered Erickson be held without bond at the Douglas County Jail in Castle Rock.

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Police say McKinney was arrested inside STEM School Highlands Ranch on Tuesday afternoon after he and Erickson shot and killed Kendrick Castillo, 18, and injured eight others.

(credit: CBS)

Early Wednesday morning, Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock addressed the media about the second suspect, “We originally thought that we had a juvenile male in custody but through our interviews yesterday late afternoon determined that we had a juvenile female that is in custody right now who is the other suspect.”

When McKinney appeared in court, the teen’s attorneys requested that the person prefers the pronoun “he.” McKinney was held without bond and waived the reading of formal charges.

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Deputies rushed in to the school just after 2 p.m. Tuesday after reports of a shooting and arrested the two suspects. The deputies “did not exchange any gunfire with them,” according to Spurlock.

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STEM School Highlands Ranch will be closed for the rest of the week. A Crisis Support Center will be available for all STEM students, staff and families at the St. Andrew United Methodist Church at 9203 South University Boulevard in Highlands Ranch.

The FBI is currently involved in the investigation inside the school. Homeland Security agents are also helping Douglas County authorities with the shooting investigation, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is working with the sheriff’s department to determine where the guns used in the shooting were purchased. Neither suspect is of legal age to own or purchase a handgun.

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  1. Robin Carol Kahler says:

    Hoping they re-name the school “Kendrick Castillo STEM High School”

  2. Muhammad Bilal Islam says:

    Wonder how leftists are gonna react to this one

    1. Pittsburgh Pritchard says:

      Same as always…BAN ALL GUNS AND NRA’S BLOOD SHED while everyone ignores mental health

      1. Vance Fry says:

        It’s true that mental health is an issue here, given that Miss McKinney is suffering child abuse of having her transgenderism encouraged by parents and teachers. This mental condition should be treated, not enabled.

    2. Devon Cook says:

      Same way I do to all school shootings: blame the parents for leaving their weapons in accessible places, not monitoring and restricting their child’s activity, and not having any clue their kid is a nutjob.

  3. Mindee Clem Forman says:

    Please please do not use shooters’ names in stories like this, and especially not their pictures. Far too often what they want is some form of notoriety, and by publicizing their information, you’re giving it to them. Take a page out of New Zealand’s book and please stop using names and pictures of shooters.

    1. Edgy Frick says:

      Pimples? zero!
      Blackheads? Zero!
      Number of school shootings stooped by not saying the shooters name? ZERO!
      I thought this fit. Your idea isnt wrong i just think that if we stop saying the shooters name then the families of the injured and dead will backlash against media outlets for not saying who killed their child.

  4. Will Hyres says:

    If the parents failed to lock up a firearm, and the firearm was used, they are toast.

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