DENVER (CBS4) – Denver’s Initiative 300 — the “Right To Survive” measure — has been defeated in Tuesday night’s election. The measure would have effectively overturned Denver’s urban camping ban and allow homeless people to camp in outdoor public spaces like parks, sidewalks and vehicles.


It was defeated by a margin of 83% to 17%.

Supporters and opponents of the initiative agreed that the city needs to address homelessness in Denver but differed on whether this ballot issue will actually help those most in need.

(credit: CBS)

“This is an issue that many people in Denver care about and more could and should be done, but 300 is not the answer,” said Alvina Vasquez, a spokeswoman for Together Denver which opposes the measure.

(credit: CBS)

Raffi Mercuri, the campaign manager for Initiative 300, told CBS4 last week that opponents “spent a lot of money to try to mislead Denver voters.”

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A total of 31 percent of registered voters participated in Denver’s municipal election this year. Of the more than 470,000 voters, just over 148,000 voters turned in ballots.