HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (CBS4) – Students at STEM High School Highlands Ranch talked to CBS4 about the shooting that left one dead and eight students injured shortly after it happened Tuesday afternoon. Adam, a senior, said he was standing in the parking lot when he saw an officer go in with a rifle.

“It was kind of shocking. We heard there was a lockdown but we thought it was a drill until we saw the officer with the patrol rifle and tens of other police cars coming our way,” Adam said.

PHOTO GALLERY: Shooting At STEM School Highlands Ranch

“The only things that my friends in the classrooms were hearing were from news stations and what we were finding on the internet,” he said.


“Not the thing you expect the last three days of high school to happen,” another boy said.


“The sheriff came up to us in the car and checked our trunk, and then he backed us out of the parking lot,” Adam said.

“I’ve heard mostly from friends who are on lockdown,” a female student said. “They’re all very shaken up and very scared because it’s a small school.”


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“We didn’t really expect something like this. We didn’t hear any sort of threats. There’s a lot of things wandering in our minds – ‘Who could’ve done this? Why did it happen?'” Adam said.

“[I’m] actually kind of concerned right now because we’re hosting a foreign exchange French student and I’m not sure how to get in contact with him but he was in the building when it happened,” the other boy said.

The students said the school has security personnel and multiple counselors.