By Michael Abeyta

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – Chris Fullwood was on his way to work in his beloved pickup when he made a huge mistake.

“I went to get gas Monday morning at the local convenience store and left the keys in the ignition when I went inside to get a cup of coffee,” he said.

(credit: CBS)

When he came back out, he got a terrible surprise.

“There goes my car driving down the street,” he thought. “It’s Monday morning at 5 o’ clock and I’m thinking, ‘what a great way to start the week.’”

He called the police and filed a report, but had to ask for rides for the rest of the week. That is until Thursday.

(credit: CBS)

“My co-worker was giving me a ride home from work. We kind of live in the same neighborhood and we turned the corner and there it was sitting in the 7-Eleven parking lot,” said Fullwood.

Without thinking, he sprang into action.

(credit: CBS)

“I had my coworker pull into the lot, and I jumped out of the truck. They looked like they were getting ready to put gas in it, so I jumped into the back of the truck and then told them that I had them.”

What ensued was right out of an action movie. The driver and his passenger took off speeding around Arvada with Fullwood in the bed of his own truck.

“I told him that wherever he goes, I’m going with him.”

(credit: CBS)

After a while, the driver recognized the Fullwood’s determination and the futility of his mission. He pulled over and ran away, his passenger not far behind.

When police showed up, they initially said Fullwood stole the truck, but the truth eventually was realized. Fullwood took his own truck back and learned a valuable lesson.

“I know none of this would have happened if I hadn’t have left my keys in the car.”

Fullwood realizes the extreme danger he put himself in by jumping in the back of his truck. He says he realizes he could have been hurt or killed. Calling police is the preferred action to take when you come across a crime.

Michael Abeyta


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