DENVER (CBS4) – Health care jobs are always in demand, and most times it’s simply about finding the right fit. That’s why job seekers eagerly filled Broncos Stadium on Wednesday to visit a job fair.

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The 13th annual event was hosted as part of a collaboration between the Colorado Hospital Association and the National Healthcare Career Network.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time for Sarah Ryan.

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“I am currently working as a registered nurse, and I recently completed my Masters of Science in Nursing. I realized that there’s a whole world of opportunities open to me,” Ryan explained. It was her first time attending a job fair.

Attendees like Ryan got the opportunity to meet with more than 40 health care employers, get a complimentary resume review, and receive purpose coaching. Newly-graduated RNs were also able to gain insight into new graduate residency programs.

“There’s always something to be said about human connection and being able to make this eye-to-eye contact, to look at someone and read body language instead of scrolling through something online and going, ‘This sounds like it could be a good fit for me.’ I find extreme value in being able to meet with people and interact in this way,” added Ryan.

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The job fair was also especially crucial for employers in need of skilled professionals.

“There is a nursing shortage everywhere, and I think it’s getting worse,” Kindred Healthcare Talent Acquisition Manager Collette Castello said.

While Colorado has 61,000 licensed nurses, our state’s shortage is twice the national average, according to the National League for Nursing. This rate is projected to grow to 31% by 2020.

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“I’m an old school clinician. I’ve been at it for 20 years and what I’ve seen in the market is a need for nurses as they are replacing some of the things physicians used to do. There’s going to be a larger need for health care,” said Castello. “We will see what we can do to help each other out.”

There are resources online for those looking for a job who were unable to attend.

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