By Michael Spencer

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– “Welcome to the most irrelevant press conference of the year,” John Elway said with a wry smile as he greeted reporters on Tuesday, just two days before the NFL Draft. Elway was peppered with questions about the Broncos plans for the weekend and did his best to deflect the barrage so as not to tip his hand at which players he does, and does not like, in the 2019 draft class.

(credit: CBS)

When asked for his thoughts on quarterback prospects Drew Lock (Missouri), Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State) and Daniel Jones (Duke), Elway simply replied, “They’re on the board.”

Elway did concede that this year’s class is heavy on defense. “Every draft is different,” said Elway. “Obviously there are some more defensive lineman and outside pass rushers in this (class) than in the past. That’s probably the deepest part of the draft, but there’s a lot of good football players in the draft.”

Elway did say that he talked with other teams about trading the number 10 pick, but that “no compensation has been discussed.”

Elway wouldn’t commit to taking a quarterback in the draft, “you got to figure out what’s the best fit for you. For us, what we’re working for, what I’d to do is see us have some consistency in what we’re doing.”

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Denver currently has seven selections in the 2019 NFL Draft:
1st round 10th overall
2nd round 41st overall
3rd round 71st overall
4th round 125th overall (from Houston)
5th round 148th overall
5th round 156th overall (from Minnesota)
6th round 182nd overall
7th round 237th overall (from Houston)

The first round of the draft will begin on Thursday.

Michael Spencer