DENVER (CBS4) — A Denver man faced a judge on Monday on a murder charge. Police say Brice Fitch shot a man he believed was stealing belongings in his car or the car itself.

Investigators say Fitch, 24, confronted a group of purported car thieves inside his vehicle Friday morning in Denver. Several hours later, Aurora police found a man shot to death inside a car.

Brice Fitch (credit: Denver Police Department)

That man has been identified as Guillermo Sandoval.

DPD investigators believe Sandoval was among the group of individuals that was either trying to steal items from the vehicle or steal the car itself.

A member of the Denver District Attorney’s Office confirmed for CBS4 that the car Sandoval’s body was found in was not a vehicle belonging to Fitch.

(credit: CBS)

A CBS4 legal expert says a case like this is not covered under the “Make My Day” law because you cannot use deadly force to protect property, only if you feel like your life is in imminent danger.


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