DENVER (CBS4) – Sen. Michael Bennet is recovering at home in Colorado after a “completely successful” surgery for prostate cancer. A spokesperson issued a statement saying the Democratic senator “requires no further treatment.”

Bennet tweeted the statement Friday morning, adding “Great news to share.”

Earlier this month, Colorado’s senior senator announced he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer but said his prognosis was good.

“It’s not easy for you to hear you have cancer. It’s a hard thing to hear,” Bennet told CBS4 political specialist Shaun Boyd.

However, Bennet said he planned to return to work following a brief recovery and that he was committed to running for president if he became cancer free. The Democrat said the diagnosis could have been a good excuse not to run for president, instead he says it clarified for him that he needs to run.

Bennet said without health insurance, he may not have received a prostate screening and he may not have known he had prostate cancer until it was too late. Like many men who are diagnosed, he had no symptoms.


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