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(CBS4) – Gabby never had a mom or dad scrapbook for her as a child, so she learned to save the few pictures she has of her childhood on her own. She shuffles through a folder of photos and school awards to show CBS4’s Britt Moreno she has some special mementos documenting her past. Her upbringing as a child in foster care was unimaginably tough.

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“When you bounce from house to house you are also moving schools, too. (It) does something to your mentality,” she said.

Gabby lived in 42 homes in foster care. She went to 19 schools. She says it was hard for her to let people in and trust others.

It’s the second time Gabby and Britt are seeing each other. They first met in 2013 when Gabby was 13 and a Wednesday’s Child.

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They were playing with Gabby’s first love; dogs. She told Britt she felt sorry for the dogs because they didn’t have a home. She wanted nothing more than to be loved.

Sadly, Gabby joins a list of teenagers and young adults who do not get adopted and begin their lives without the support of parents. These kids who age out of the system are more likely to go to jail, become homeless or turn to drugs and prostitution. Gabby has beaten the odds in that she finished high school in four years. She is going to college while working two jobs. She says she did it with a small yet very important amount of support.

One of Gabby’s foster moms, Diane, has stood by Gabby and helped her navigate some of these decisions.

“I’m very proud of Gabby. She’s a very strong woman. I knew she was going to make it. I really did,” Diane tells Britt.

“Diane is my family” says Gabby. “She’s been a mom more than my biological mom ever has.”

Diane showed Gabby that she cared. That alone was enough to keep Gabby motivated to stay in school and find a job. Gabby admits at her lowest time, she tried to commit suicide. Diane offered her hope.

“Just to know someone cares about me and actually sees and knows I have more potential than I ever have” brings tears to Gabby’s eyes.

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Gabby needs this confidence in herself more than ever. She has a baby on the way. She has set new goals as she learns to be the person she always wanted in her life, a mom. She hopes to find an affordable apartment, so her baby will live in a safer home. She wants to be a caring mother and “to break the cycle of my messed up family and give my family everything we deserve and be the best me I can be.”

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