JEFFERSON COUNTY, Co. (CBS4) – A man is recovering at home after being bitten by a rattlesnake at a dog park in Jefferson County. Wildlife officials said the encounter marked Colorado’s first rattlesnake bite in 2019.

As spring heats up, “rattlers” are becoming more active.

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Lisa Garcia was hiking with her neighbor Richard Boggs and her dog, Toby, Sunday on a trail at Westminster Hills Dog Park.

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The species’ rattling tail can warn that danger lies ahead, but in this case, the two said they did not hear a sound until it was too late.

“I heard the rattle, but not until after (the bite),” Garcia said.

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While walking as they looked up at birds in the sky, something down on the ground pierced Boggs’ foot.

“A guy looking at an eagle getting bitten by a rattlesnake,” Boggs said.

“It was curled up, and it looked like the classic picture of a head and the tail up,” Garcia explained, of the full-grown reptile.

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After a call to 911, she carried her friend on her back halfway down the path. A good Samaritan carried Boggs farther down to where they met with paramedics.

“I didn’t want him to die. I thought, ‘this could be serious,’” Garcia added.

After four days in the hospital and ten vials of anti-venom, Boggs is healing at home from the painful bite. He hopes talking about his experience will raise awareness.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials urge people who venture into rattlesnake territory to look before they step.

“Watch your area. There are beautiful things in the skies and on the ground, but there are dangerous things out there, too,” Boggs said.

Experts said that Boggs handled the bite correctly by moving away from the snake slowly and remaining calm.

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