DENVER (CBS4) — There’s so much more to human senses beyond the famous five and now families can explore it all! A new exhibit tied to our senses is now open at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

“Our Senses: Creating Your Reality” is designed to make us think about how we experience things — like how lines on the floor can leave you feeling a bit off kilter.


Or remember the famous – what color is that dress debate? It turns out, what you see has to do with assumptions.

“If your eye assumes the light is blue – you see a white and gold dress, if your eye assumes the light is more yellow you see the blue and black dress,” DMNS Educator and Program Specialist Samantha Sands explained.


Sands says that’s a good lesson in how we all see the world differently.

You can even experience what it’s like to see from a bee’s perspective!


Museum guests can also explore these interactive exhibits:

  • Watch walls lit with alternating colored lights that reveal just how much a world bathed in white light can differ from one illuminated in blue, green, or red.
  • Hunt like a snake and find prey using an infrared viewer.
  • Dial into a variety of animal sounds normally outside the range of our hearing.
  • Test your skill using an audio collage to track individual sounds, such as a certain creature in a natural setting or an individual instrument in an orchestra.
  • Look through a pair of goggles that upends the information your brain receives from your eyes.
  • Explore 3D models of specialized touch receptors that demonstrate our complicated touch system.
  • Take a smell test to single out the fragrance notes in a complex scent, since what we perceive as a particular odor is actually a symphony of smells.

“Our Senses: Creating Your Reality” will be open through Aug. 4, 2019. Learn more at


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