DENVER (CBS4)– Sen. Cory Gardner is trying to stop those annoying and potentially dangerous robocalls. The Republican representing Colorado is co-sponsoring legislation to hike fines against companies that target you.

(credit: CBS)

“These criminals are taunting us because they think we can’t act,” said Gardner.

He says that two-thirds of all calls he gets are robocalls.

The robocall blocking service YouMail says Americans receive an average of nearly 2,000 robocalls a second.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s an annoyance, it’s an invasion of privacy, it costs people money,” said National Consumer Law Center Margot Saunders.

(credit: CBS)

The bipartisan bill called the Traced Act would increase the penalty for robocalls to up to $10,000 per illegal call. It would also require phone companies to implement a “stir-shaken” system which is a caller ID authentication system that verifies if a number is legitimate.

Gardner says enough is enough.


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