By Dillon Thomas

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – Colorado State University closed its campus Wednesday after the second bomb cyclone of the year hit Fort Collins in the afternoon. Rain quickly changed to wet-and-heavy snow as afternoon classes were starting.

(credit: CBS)

The University closed the campus, cancelling all classes and activities after 3 p.m.

Students leaving campus for the day were ecstatic to have an early end to their day. However, not all were prepared for the snow.

Snow began falling hard in northern Colorado on Wednesday afternoon. (credit: CBS)

While CBS4’s Dillon Thomas was reporting on campus, some students were seen leaving their classes in shorts and t-shirts. Analia Quirk was one of the handful that admitted they were not prepared for the storm.

“I thought it was going to start at 6 p.m. So, I thought I would be okay until then,” Quirk said.

(credit: CBS)

Students, including Quirk, told CBS4 they were out playing soccer the night before the storm and were enjoying the weather.

“I was playing soccer last night, and it was warm,” Quirk said.

“Yesterday it was like 70 or 80 degrees out. It was a really nice day,” said Waylon Jepsen, a senior.

While many students rushed home after classes were cancelled, Jepsen elected to stay at the Lori Student Center and play piano outdoors.

“It’s really nice weather. I know a lot of people would disagree,” Jepsen said. “(This is) classic Colorado weather. It can take a 180 (degree) spin, and here we are, expecting six-to-eight inches of snow.”

(credit: CBS)

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The Blizzard Warning is in effect through noon Thursday from the Palmer Divide north through Denver, Fort Collins and Cheyenne out across the northeastern plains. Wind gusts could reach 35-to-55 mph with up to four-to-10 inches of snow.

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