JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Kindness is being spread throughout an elementary school in Jefferson County, and it’s all because of one little girl. Áine Peterson, a second grader at Little Elementary, noticed the world needed a little more kindness.

(credit: CBS)

She asked her principal if she could start something called the “Kindness Klub.”

“My friend was getting bullied every day, and there is just too much bullying in this world,” she explained. “So I made it.”

Áine Peterson (credit: CBS)

The Kindness Klub is a group of students who come in early once a month to do things that will make their school a happier place. Áine calls herself the “Kindness Crusader.”

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“Anyone can be a superhero by being kind because you don’t need to do anything to be kind,” she said. “You can just do it!”

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In April, the group of students decided to use chalk to write inspiring and positive messages on the sidewalk outside of Little Elementary in Arvada. That way, students would see it as they walked into school every day.

Áine said she hopes this club serves as a reminder that while they may be young, they can make a big difference.

(credit: CBS)

“You can be the change. And if you’re the change, you can change the world,” she said.

Makenzie O'Keefe