DENVER (CBS4)– When Coors Field opened in LoDo, it was part of a massive redevelopment that would revitalize the area. Keeping in that tradition, the Colorado Rockies are building a new development in the West Lot of Coors Field, McGregor Square, hoping to bring more people to the area even outside of baseball season.

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Jeremy Williamson loves Rockies baseball season. He owns Ballpark Vienna Beef, two blocks away from Coors Field.

“Peyton Manning could probably throw a football over there,” he jokes.

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When the Rockies open their season at home, he is a happy business owner.

“Opening Day is awesome, I call it ‘bill paying day.’ We make more this weekend than I did probably the entire month of February.”

Jeremy Williamson (credit: CBS)

That’s why the Rockies decided to take a parking lot on 19th and Wazeee and turn it into an entertainment destination. The plan is for a 655,000 square foot residential, commercial and open public space with restaurants, a hotel, retail stores, and multiple entertainment spaces. They hope it will draw customers to the area year round the way Coors Field does in the summer.

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Jeremy isn’t sure it will help him very much though.

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“They’re really already got Union Station and stuff that way to pull in a lot of people. The Ballpark neighborhood has kind of been forgotten. So, I mean it’s good for Denver and it’s good for the Rockies. I don’t think it’s necessarily going to bring me a ton more business.”

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Even though it may not be a financial boon for him, he hopes the new development will be successful.

“What’s good for the Rockies is good for me,” he says. “The more people down here the better.”

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McGregor Square is slated to open in June 2021.

Michael Abeyta