COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) — When first responders arrived at a shooting scene Wednesday evening, an ambulance medic found a cellphone lying next to the victim’s body. It was still recording.

The AMR technician picked up the phone, stopped the recording, and played it back.

Authorities have used the video to point a finger at 53-year-old James. W. Hanlon as the suspect in the shooting. They believe Hanlon has fled the state.

Gary Dolce, 63, died at the scene. He was found lying near the street in the 1800 block of Rimwood Drive, in a neighborhood bordering the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs campus.

(credit: CBS)

According to an affidavit acquired by the Colorado Springs Gazette, the cellphone video shows a blue SUV approaching Dolce just before an argument breaks out.

A man identified as Hanlon tells Dolce, “You’re stupid.” Dolce replies, “Say again?”

Hanlon repeats himself, then points a black handgun at Dolce and fires multiple times.

Dolce, still holding the phone, yells “Oh my god” over and over and falls to the ground.

The gunman’s hand, wearing blue disposable gloves, comes into the camera’s view briefly again. Then the phone is dropped. Off-screen, more shots can be heard.

Then a car door closes, and a vehicle can be heard driving away.


James Hanlon (credit: Colorado Springs Police Department)

Colorado Springs Police Department said Friday its investigators have obtained an arrest warrant for First Degree Murder and are “actively pursuing” Hanlon.

Hanlon could be driving a blue 2018 Toyota 4Runner with Colorado license plate CCW-619.

A neighbor told CBS affiliate KKTV that Dolce was “very friendly. …. Always waves, said hello when he was walking his dog and everything. It’s just scary in a while situation, this is a quiet neighborhood and everybody is friendly. If somebody was targeting him, that’s just scary all around.”

(credit: CBS)

The affidavit acquired by the Gazette also mentioned Hanlon had been cited less than an hour before the shooting by Animal Law Enforcement for having an aggressive animal. In a recorded encounter with one of those officers, there are several references to a fence separating the properties belonging to Dolce and Hanlon.

At one point, Hanlon said, “Well, maybe he just needs his ass kicked. Maybe that will help. I’ve done that before, that will sometimes get your neighbors to back off.”

Hanlon is 5-foot-11, about 180 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes.


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