DENVER (CBS4) — A new IMAX film pays tribute to heroes on four legs and shows viewers that what dogs are capable of is equivalent to a superpower.

(credit: Superpower Dogs)

Superpower Dogs, playing in IMAX®®, debuted March 15th and on Wednesday night, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science hosted a special screening for members which included a meet and greet with some local four-legged heroes.


“Everything she does is positive, ya know, it’s fun whether she’s around people and we’re doing socialization, whether it’s riding chairlifts, snowmobiles, helicopters, snowcats or we’re out doin’ drills. It’s all fun stuff for her,” said John Reller a ski patroller with the avalanche deployment team for Arapahoe Basin and Copper Mountain.


Reller has been skiing with his search and rescue partner Recco, a golden retriever, for nine years.

“To them it’s just a game of hide and seek but to us, pretty serious business. In the avalanche world, these guys can cover an area that’s huge. That would take patrollers 8 to 10 hours to search with anywhere close to the same effectiveness that these guys can do in about 20 minutes. In some cases that means life or death for the person that’s gonna be buried,” said Reller.

It’s Recco’s superpower along with her work ethic. She is always excited to work.

“She loves to work and that’s really what her life is all about is that desire to work. She knows when it’s time to go to work even before I say it.”

In addition to the rescue dogs, the community met others at the museum Wednesday, who many would agree have superpowers.

“He helps me. Actually he helps me daily. When I have a PTSD flare up, he kinda gets me to not go off and do bad things.” Said Keith Morrow with Victory Service Dogs.


Morrow’s organization, Victory Service Dogs, provides dogs to veterans and hopes to do the same soon for first responders.

His dog Tobias has been a game changer. The dog is capable of doing what no drug or human could do for Morrow.

“It’s a good thing I have him because I do have trigger points and he helps me get through it I mean if I didn’t have him, things would be really bad for me. He’s my best friend.”

The MaxFund also brought dogs for adoption Wednesday.


Superpower Dogs IMAX, runs at the museum through the rest of the year. The museum says it plans to host similar public events throughout the showing, so anyone who wants the opportunity to meet local 4-legged heroes, can.


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