DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver City Council unanimously voted to get rid of a tax on feminine hygiene products in the city. Before the vote, the products were defined as luxury items.

(credit: CBS)

The newly-passed bill will not only remove the city tax, but also reclassify them as medically necessary. The previous tax adds about 54 cents to a $7 box of tampons.

One nonprofit, Period Kits, includes 90 days’ worth of tampons, maxi pads and party-liners, underwear, Advil and feminine wipes in a kit.

(credit: Period Kits)

Their goal is to make 1,000 kits in 2019.

“There are girls that are in DPS they are missing school because they can’t afford products,” said Geoff Davis, director of Period Kits.

(credit: CBS)

“Regardless of your background and your income level, you shouldn’t have to choose between food or period supplies for yourself,” said Melissa Schwass, a co-founder for Period Kits.

The city is expected to lose $400- $450,000 a year from this tax exemption.