WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – Anastasiya Kurilova returned home Sunday to find her Maltese, Zoe, had been killed by a pit bull.

“I saw my mom sitting on the pavement holding my baby, covered in blood. I fell on the ground and said ‘Zoe what did they do to you?’” said Kurilova.

(credit: Valentina Kurilova)

Her mother, Valentina, saw the whole thing. Valentina was standing in the parking lot of their apartment complex with their dog, preparing to put her in the car.

“Out of nowhere this pit bull comes from under the car, grabs Zoe, and starts shaking her. Within seconds she was dead,” said Kurilova.

Westminster Animal Control says the pit bull’s owner was out of town. The dog was being watched by a friend. The city is keeping the pit bull detained until the owner returns.

(credit: CBS)

“The officers told me the dog doesn’t have any history of violence, so it won’t be put down. That’s the problem. It already attacked my dog and killed my dog in a snap,” said Kurilova.

The City of Westminster does not have any breed restrictions. Instead, the city has rules designed to control dangerous and vicious animals in the city. According to their website, “The city opted for this control method rather than a ban on specific breeds because research shows the problem is more influenced by owner negligence than breed.”

(credit: Valentina Kurilova)

Animal Control says a court will ultimately decide what happens to the pitbull. Zoe wasn’t the first dog to be killed by a pit bull in Westminster and Anastasiya is certain she won’t be the last.

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“All it takes is one time and somebody has to be first. Unfortunately, it was us, but it’s going to happen again,” said Kurilova. “I don’t want anyone else to suffer the way we had to suffer.”

Kurilova says she will attend city council meetings to push for the ban for pit bulls in Westminster.

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  1. The dog should have been immediately euthanized after killing the other dog. It’s time for the laws to change. If there’s any possibility a pet like that can get loose it shouldn’t be a pet. What if it had been a child?

  2. Suzanne Gilmore Taylor says:

    I do hope the little dogs’owner shows up at her city council meeting! We have to stand up for our own safety and the lives of our sweet dogs.No one seems to care anymore.Show up people and speak out.

  3. So what kind of “pit bull”, as there are three to four different breeds deemed to be “pit bulls” and when one adds the 20 or more breeds commonly mistaken as such and then takes into consideration ALL the mutts from ALL the breeds, inquiring minds want to know. May someone point out that appearance has nothing to do with disposition? Just because someone who is 6’1″ with a fair complexion weighing 220 lbs with blond hair assaults someone does not mean ALL who are similar looking to that person are going to go out and do same. BSL has proven itself time and time again to be discriminatory and totally ineffective in decreasing overall dog bites or attacks.

    1. And you are so sorry PIT BULL killed Maltese, yes? Same old stupid BS, Faye.

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