By Justin Adams

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Before the first period of class, several young men are working hard on their craft. The baby-faced high school football players, all training at Six Zero Strength with dreams of playing college football.

One of the top talents in the gym is Trustin Oliver. A 6-foot-4 senior who starred at Legend High School.

(credit: CBS)

“Trustin is a different breed man,” Matt McChesney, the owner of Six Zero Strength said. “He doesn’t look at football as just like ‘I’m good at it so I’m going to try it.’ He actually loves it.”

“When I sat him down I told him you have length. God gifted you with length and size and the ability to jump out of the roof. You’re personable. Everybody likes you. You like everybody. You’re a good kid and you care. Just maximize that.”

Matt McChesney (credit: CBS)

A dual-threat as a wide receiver and a cornerback, Oliver had 45 catches for 450 yards and three touchdowns. He also carried the ball 30 times for 216 yards and two touchdowns. On defense he racked up 25 tackles and intercepted two passes. His play helped lead the Titans to the playoffs.

But before reaching stardom on the gridiron, he had to take care of himself first. Oliver moved from Compton, Calif. when he was 15 years old. The move was risky. He would leave his mother and siblings behind to live with his uncle and aunt. But the young man had a greater purpose for the move.

Trustin Oliver (credit: CBS)

“I can’t help them if I can’t help myself,” Oliver said. “In order for me to help out the people I need to help myself and that was coming to Colorado. Help myself with better education, more opportunities for college football, seeing new things and doing new things. And once I had gotten that, I could be able to reach back and tell them, this is why I did this.”

Oliver’s Mom wasn’t ready to see her baby boy move over 1,000 miles away, but it was a good thing she agreed. In January, Oliver received a call from Mel Tucker, the new head coach at the University of Colorado. Tucker offered Oliver a football scholarship. The move was a success.

(credit: Trustin Oliver)

“He’s a relentless competitor on both sides of the ball,” Tucker said. “He loves to block He loves to hit. He will return punts. He will return kickoffs. He will be on all the core special teams. And when you meet the kid, he’s the nicest kid in the world. But when he steps on the field, he’s a totally different guy.”

Oliver will play safety with the Buffaloes and maybe the NFL will be in his future. But he already has another goal in mind once his football career ends. After completing his degree at the University of Colorado, Oliver wants to become a social worker.

Trustin Oliver (credit: CBS)

“They help kids,” Oliver said. “They help even grown-ups and stuff like that. And that’s all I wanted to grow up and do. So, if football doesn’t last forever that’s the route I’m going.”


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