DENVER (CBS4) – Negotiations between King Soopers and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union 7 resumed on Saturday. The union was prepared to strike after their vote to strike passed earlier this month.

King Soopers’ current offer invests $117.5 million in wages, healthcare and pension benefits over a three-year term.

For a full-time checker with 4 years of service, that means:
• Current wage $18.41 an hour
• 2019 +.35 cents = $18.76
• 2020 +.35 cents = $19.11
• 2021 +.35 cents = $19.46

King Soopers/City Market’s offer also includes incremental contributions for healthcare and pension:
• Plus Healthcare at $3.98 per hour = $23.44
• Plus Pension at $1.60 per hour = $25.04

(credit: CBS)

“We have offered a contract that respects our associates by significantly investing in their total compensation and seeks zero concessions,” said Dennis Gibson, president of King Soopers and City Market.

The union posted on their Facebook page saying the most recent offer fails to address basic concerns of workers.

The union represents about 12,000 King Soopers and City Market employees. Both parties have been trying to agree on a new union contract since December.

  1. Anna Dean Altman says:

    Can King Sooper give us an idea how many FULL time workers they have compared to Part timers, and what do part time workers make with their ?20? Hours per week

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