DENVER (AP) — Colorado’s Senate has advanced a bill that would allow firearms to be seized from people who are determined by a court to pose significant risk. The late Friday vote followed hours of debate on the Second Amendment and due process rights of gun owners.

Another vote by the Democrat-led Senate is required before it can be returned to the House for consideration of Senate amendments.

The legislation would allow family or law enforcement to seek a court order to have guns seized if they believe the owner is a threat. If approved, a subsequent court hearing would be held to determine whether to extend the seizure, up to 364 days.

The bill also would require anyone whose guns are seized to prove that he or she no longer poses a risk in order to get them back.


2:15 p.m.

Colorado’s Senate is debating the Second Amendment rights of gun owners and due process as it considers a bill that would allow firearms to be seized from people who are determined by a court to pose significant risk.

The Democrat-led Senate engaged Friday in spirited debate on the bill, which has already passed the House.

Two Senate votes approving the bill are needed before it is sent back to the House to consider Senate amendments.

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Comments (2)
  1. Glenn Rogers says:

    Let the idiots pass it and then when they try and enforce it and end up paying taxpayer money because they are being sued.they will all start crying again. They think they can just keep on passing any old law weather unconstitutional or not. This is still a free country not communist
    but not for long if them cry baby’s have there way.

  2. John Hanley says:

    A MAJOR flaw in this joke of a law is that the victim has to prove a negative to get his/her property back.
    Prove you’re no longer a threat?
    That’s like proving you’re not a witch.
    Americans discarded that crazy ideology over 300 years ago after the executions following the Salem Witch Trials, but democrats couldn’t care less about due process.
    Add the that the democrats’ track record of “judge shopping” to enact laws they’d never get passed by the people. Pick the most anti-2nd Amendment judges to hear these so-called “Red Flag” cases and what you’ll get is unmitigated gun confiscation with no possibility of recovery because it’s all “legally” administered by anti-gun partisan hacks.
    This legislation is a loser, but democrats are going to cram it down our collective throats anyway, like it or not.