By Michael Abeyta

DENVER (CBS4) — The fans in the stand, the school spirit, the mascots —  it’s not a basketball tournament happening at DU, it’s the Colorado First Robotics Regional Competition! High school teams build robots that can move, lift, and perform other tasks. Then they compete against each other to see which one can do it the best. Competitor Cody Kuptz says, “This is the first day of the qualifying matches tomorrow we finish up the qualifying matches but most of the day is playoffs.”


Cody is on the Cherry Creek High School team. He says he has always had a mechanical mind but he’s learned a lot more about engineering and science ever since he joined the team.  “I and the other mechanical teams build the robot and you get to collaborate with your teammates and then even in the competition you’re collaborating with other teams and alliances,” he says.

Everyone here is interested in learning and creating a better world through science — and even if you don’t have any experience with robotics Cody thinks you should explore and learn just like he did.


He says, “It’s really just a great opportunity for everybody and I highly encourage everybody to do it.”


Michael Abeyta


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