By Tori Mason

JEFFERSON COUNTY (CBS4) – A paraglider is expected to make a full recovery after crashing while looking for a landing spot.

West Metro Fire says the man was looking for a landing spot near Green Mountain when erratic wind caused his chute to collapse. The 45-year-old dropped about 200 feet, landing near 470 and Alameda.

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Kent Kovack and his daughter Lucy saw the paraglider coming down when they were hiking. He began to shoot video with his phone but stopped recording when he realized something wasn’t right.

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“Lucy said ‘Boy he must be having fun, he’s saying ‘woo-hoo!’ We were admiring him through the air,” Kovack said.

“I saw him get close to the ground and I said ‘oh my gosh we need to pray for him! He’s going to get really hurt!’ I was like dad call 911,” Lucy said.

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The paraglider was taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital. The Kovacks were told that the man broke a few bones in his foot and hand. West Metro Fire also said he’s been talking since the fall. His friends expect him to make a full recovery.

Tori Mason