DENVER (CBS4) – Habitat for Humanity broke ground on its newest development in the Elyria Swansea neighborhood Thursday to providing more affordable homes to residents looking for a permanent spot in the community.


“We have lived here really for 11 years and we’re really excited to have our own home here now,” said Araceli Guerrero Ramos, through a translator.


Ramos is the mother of three with her husband and they have always wanted to live in the same area, the Globeville and Elyria Swansea neighborhoods. Her children already are familiar with the community and they do not want to make them move. She will be one of the first to move into the new development of 32 homes.


“Knowing that my family is going to participate in the construction of our own home is extremely exciting and our kids are excited to have their own rooms,” she said.

Habitat for Humanity has already repaired 200 existing homes, built 28 new homes, and renovated 12 other houses in those neighborhoods. The property for this development was previously owned by the Denver Housing Authority, Habitat was able to take over the site with a forgivable loan from the City and County of Denver.


“People who work hard, who are proud of their homes and who care about their community,” said Heather Lafferty, CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.

Ramos and other homeowners in the development are committing to 200 hours to help build their own home and others. They will eventually buy their house with the help of an affordable mortgage.


“My kids get to stay here, we don’t have to move to another place, we have connections here, we have friends, family and we get to stay in our own community,” she said. “I’m just really, really excited to have a home.”

Shawn Chitnis


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