By Ben Warwick

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Adams County commissioners approved a halt on new oil and gas permits on Wednesday.

The resolution is in response to a motion being considered by the state legislature, SB19-181, which would give local governments new, limited authority to regulate oil and gas operations.

“Until we have more clarity on whether this current bill will pass and what impact it could have locally, the Board decided to enact a temporary moratorium so we can evaluate any new tools available to address the health and safety of our residents,” Board Chair Steve O’Dorisio said.

SB19-181 passed the State Senate last week. The motion passed the board of commissioners 5-0, with zero abstentions.

The ban on new drilling permits will last six months and will apply to the site and equipment, storage and construction, well pads and any other associated equipment.

Ben Warwick


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