By Karen Morfitt

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Days after a massive blizzard, some of the cars left abandoned on the side of the road are still waiting for their owners. In some cases, drivers are still struggling to get to their vehicles.

Lishanna Langley and her husband Kevin Donaldson have one of those stories.

(credit: CBS)

“We are out there digging, while they’re doing most of the digging,” Langley laughed.

Buried under a foot of snow, a 2011 Nissan Altima. Their daughter got stuck in the thick of blizzard on her way back from a job interview at Denver International Airport.

(credit: CBS)

“She called dad. Dad came out there (and) luckily found her. I don’t think she knows how lucky she is,” Langley said.

Police never found the car during their recovery efforts, so on Saturday the family started digging.

“My other daughter was standing on top of the hump, and she just started digging. And about a foot down she reached the black of the top of the car,” she said.

(credit: Lishanna Langley and Kevin Donaldson)

A number of tow trucks tried to pull the car out and failed. Some ended up stuck in the mud themselves.

On Monday, five days after the storm, the family went back, shovels in hand and hoping that someone might see them and lend a hand.

(credit: Lishanna Langley and Kevin Donaldson)

“You know what they are saying because they are looking out the window saying ‘Oh my God,’” Langley said.

Finally someone stopped.

“This gentleman in a 4×4 named Brandon came along. He actually passed us up and then turned around and came back, and I’m so grateful,” she said.

“I never even noticed there was a car buried out there. (I) Figured I would stop and help them out,” Brandon Zike said.

(credit: Lishanna Langley and Kevin Donaldson)

After days of rescuing drivers as a tow truck driver, Zike did not mind spending his day off working.

“I was like ‘Whelp you guys are going to be here awhile,’ and I got shovels and chains,” he said.

After a lot of time and effort, Zike was able to get the car out of the massive hole. The family says they are not sure where they would be without him.

(credit: CBS)

When asked whether they think they would have their car back tonight the couple laughed.

“No, no matter of fact we might have had two cars damaged; the car that was in the hole and the one trying to pull it out,” Donaldson said.

Their daughter did not get the job at DIA, but while she was stuck in the car, she had a phone interview with another company which did hire her.

Karen Morfitt


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