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DENVER (CBS4) – Coloradans are coming together for Nebraskans as flood waters rise. A combination of rain and snow runoff has left much of the eastern part of that state under water.

Homes and towns are flooded, and fields are not suitable for planting or calving.

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Bob and Joyce Clark who live in Jefferson County are from Nebraska and still have family there. Bob’s brother is near Omaha.

“I checked with him earlier. He said he was on higher ground, but they are sump pumping overtime,” he said.

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Joyce added, “It’s been devastating for a lot of people. I called my sister to see how she is doing.” Joyce’s sister said she was okay, but the roads were flooded.

CBS4’s Rick Sallinger interviews the Clarks. (credit: CBS)

She showed pictures from her area, Loup City. There is a roadside memorial now under what looks like a sea.

(credit: Joyce Clark)

Help is on the way from Colorado thanks to the American Red Cross. It’s shipping not only people, but supplies to the flood ravaged areas.

Andrea Carlson of the Mile High Red Cross office showed CBS4’s Rick Sallinger some of the items being sent.

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“Right now these are our clean up kits we will be handing out to people in and around Nebraska. They are really in that phase,” she said.

Inside there are sponges, face masks, brooms and more. They are also sending cots, water and staffing shelters.

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Teresa Kehler was stranded for two days near Loup City was reached by the Clarks by phone. She spoke with CBS4.

“This is the first time I got to my town because of the roads, the country roads,” she said adding they received about 2-3 inches of rain on top of about eight inches of snow.

The sad scene, just one state away. As Joyce Clark put it, once a Nebraskan always a Nebraskan.

The group Colorado’s Drive To Help Nebraska is collecting water, non-perishable food and toiletries and baby items. Donations will be collected on March 30 and March 31 from 9 a.m. to noon in the Penske Truck at Reeds Southside Tavern located at 9535 Park Meadows Drive in Lone Tree.

LINK: Colorado’s Drive To Help Nebraska

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