YODER, Colo. (CBS4) – A family of four is devastated after a storm tore apart their home in Yoder in El Paso County. The blizzard the blew through Colorado at hurricane speeds Wednesday and destroyed their house located east of Colorado springs.

(credit: CBS)

Jeffery and Gabrielle Whitehead, who are expecting their third child, were at a doctor’s appointment when the blizzard hit. They returned home Thursday morning to a pile of rubble.

“Our kitchen sink and roof … had flipped completely. The ceiling was face up and the kitchen sink was sitting on it,” Jeffery told CBS4’s Melissa Garcia, via Facetime.

(credit: CBS)

The couple, with their 17-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter, had moved in months earlier, putting everything they had into starting a farm. The property was uninsured as they awaited inspection.

“We have to start all over,” Gabrielle said.

“We’re starting from scratch,” Jeffery added.

CBS4’s Melissa Garcia interviews Jeffery and Gabrielle Whitehead via video conference. (credit: CBS)

The community is coming together in an effort to help them rebuild, having raised nearly $10,000 in an online fundraiser.

“We are just awed at how much support,” said Gabrielle.

LINK: gofundme.com/blizzard-of-2019-took-their-home

While their home was smashed, their dreams were not.

“We’re not going to give up,” Jeffery said.

The Whiteheads hope to rebuild a home on the same plot. Until then, they are staying with family members.


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