DENVER (CBS4) – Occupy Denver’s nearly year-long protest against the Denver Pavilions Corner Bakery Café on the 16th Street Mall has come to an end. Protesters claimed the restaurant supported the City of Denver’s urban camping ban, but the owner says that’s never been true and just wants to get back to business.

(credit: CBS)

In the last few weeks, cellphone video shows the protests in crescendo.

“How dare you! How dare you!” One protester can be seen in the video shouting at an employee who was rinsing obscene language written in chalk off the sidewalk, “Somebody should probably slit your throat, you know that? Because you don’t deserve to live!”

In another video the same protester can be seen shouting, “This is how you turn a nice, quiet protest into a f***** loud belligerent protest you dumb stupid f***.”

(credit: CBS)

“This looks uncomfortable and yeah maybe it’s a show and maybe people don’t like the yelling, but the civil rights in the 60s, was that not a disturbance?” said Ana Cornelius with Occupy Denver.

Ana Cornelius (credit: CBS)

“It was a long 10 months,” lamented Jamey Cutter, who owns the Denver Pavilions Corner Bakery Café.

This week he authored and signed a letter stating he does not support Denver’s Urban Camping ban.

“We’re not politically involved here, so we wanted to get back to taking care of our customers,” he said.

Jamey Cutter (credit: CBS)

Occupy Denver says they will now move down the street to Earls Glenarm.

“They identified themselves to us by harassing us several times when we were out here, so they are our current candidate, we will be delivering a letter to them today, requesting a letter coming out against the urban camping ban or we will conduct our boycott as we have before,” warned Cornelius.

That promises continued turmoil on the 16th Street Mall.

  1. Eric Brandt says:

    Maybe you should publish the WHOLE story… For example – you are very liberal in plastering my angry rant, but you elected to leave out the part immediately preceding that rant when they doused me with scalding hot water! That’s right – the Corner Bakery supporters resorted to an act of violence and chemical warfare. Why? because they were offended by a chalk message. Denver police FLAT OUT REFUSED to allow me to file a criminal complaint – but they thought it was a better idea to arrest me for getting upset about the assault. Check it out here:

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